Custom Meal Plans

Our custom meal plans are guaranteed to help you reach your goals!
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  1. Affordable Price
    First Class Fitness was founded on the principle of producing results and being affordable. We are not centered around the profit, we are centered around transforming your lifestyle into a First Class Lifestyle.
  2. Our Custom Meal Plan
    Our team of registered dietitians will customize a meal plan for you so you can reach your goals with ease! Our meal plans don't force you to eat a certain food, instead we give you lists of delicious food options to choose from. We DO NOT restrict you to a certain diet like the majority of people in the fitness industry do. You go into your MyPlan account as a member & select the foods you like, don't like, are allergic to, etc. Our nutrition experts will then create a custom meal plan centered around your specific goals & meals you will actually eat. Included in all custom meal plans are recipes for the foods in your plan, grocery lists, and preparation instructions. If you want to take the guesswork out of dieting and get on the right path towards your goals then our Custom Meal Plans are for you!
  3. Guaranteed Results
    All of our programs are guaranteed to produce results, First Class Fitness will help you reach your true potential!
  4. Meal Plan Packages
    Meal Plan Categories: -Balanced- -Carb Focused- -Holistic (NANP Guidelines)- -Lactose Free- -Low Glycemic- -Low Carb- -Protein Focused- -Vegan- -Vegetarian-
  5. Grocery List
    Included in the custom meal plan is a grocery list of all the foods they need to cook the meals. This feature allows you to select the amount of days that you will be shopping for and then neatly lists out the foods needed for the selected time period.
  6. Preparation Instructions
    Detailed preparation instructions for all meals/snacks are included in the custom meal plan to make sure you know how to cook the food you are supposed to eat.
  7. Recipes
    All members who purchase a custom meal plan will be given a list of recipes for all the meals listed that are created in accordance with USDA & tailored to your preferences!