The American Heart
 Association and the Center for Disease Control reports on Chronic Disease are HERE

The CDC reports that for every $1 spent on wellness programs, as much as $5.97 is realized in savings. We can implement an entire program for you or integrate components into an existing one.

We give your employees access to some of the most advanced tools in the industry, thousands of Individuals, experts, schools, agencies, and corporations of all sizes trust us... soon you will too


Everything you need to transform & enhance the workplace

Employee engagement in wellness affects your bottom line.

Everything we do is customized for the company and for the individual.

The first step is knowing and our assessment is simple, quick and incorporated into an individual plan.

With every exercise there is a detailed walkthrough & "how-to" guide

Custom training plan tailored to your goals & preferences

Dynamic 3D projections of your physique + customized deadlines

MyPlan does your logging for
you  & populates all the relevant  data on your dashboard

Custom meal plans that adapts to your tastes & preferences

Here is an example of a program put together for State employees showing some of our capabilities.

Our Feature Rich Proposal.

Sample branded poster for your fitness center, break room, etc

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Easy to read & informative 11 page  report

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