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What is Just Got Fit?

Based in Houston, Texas, we are the industry leader for custom wellness solutions in the United States.
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Employee-designed wellbeing

On average, our wellness programs have over 3x the national average for employee participation.

We customize the entire program, while focusing on individualized employee nutrition, physical activity, disease management, behavioral health, and education.

Our evidence-based programs are tailored to your goals as an employer and to the lifestyle of every employee.

Participation is guided, progress is tracked, and ROI is accurately measured.

Our team conducts an annual audit of every wellness program that shows you the specific results achieved.

All of our employers have experienced a positive return on their investment (ROI).

More reasons you'll love Just Got Fit

Our team will actively monitor the status of your program on a daily basis, to ensure that maximum results are achieved.

Save $6.00 for every $1.00 invested, just on medical costs and absenteeism alone.

Save ~ $167,500.00 in healthcare costs for every 500 employees.

Employees gain access to the most advanced wellness tools and resources available.

Accessible through desktop, mobile or tablet device.

24/7 access to coaching, globally.

Over 100,000+ individuals, small businesses, and large corporations trust us... soon you will too.

We take pride in the work we do and stand by our satisfaction guarantee.

  1. "... I just feel better showing up to work, being on my feet the majority of the day took its toll over the years. Now i have the energy to do more things with my family after work and on the weekends... The whole environment has changed at work, you can tell everyone is happier. The benefits [we have] experienced are far too good to pass up, I wish we did this years ago".
    Thomas Rivera, Employee
  2. "The prevention of chronic diseases has been
    chronically under funded. As we get older, fatter and less active, the weight of the world is falling on the bottom lines of the world's largest companies in the form of reduced productivity, increased tax burdens and declining competitiveness. Just Got Fit is tackling this issue head on, working with employees across the globe to improve their health on their own terms. All in a way that makes sense for them".
    Ryan O'Bannon, Co-Founder
  3. "... after being walked through the program, the science-based approach really appealed to me because I'm a bit of a skeptic with everything and have always been so confused when it came to wellness. I went from being diagnosed with pre-diabetes in 2017 to running my first 5k in a matter of months. I can't thank you enough, this was the change I needed".
    Blake Ren, Employee
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