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  1. "Just Got Fit empowers thousands of employees across the globe to improve their health on their own terms, all in a way that makes sense for them. No two businesses are the same, that is why every single wellness plan we put together is unique for the employer and the employee"
    Ryan O'Bannon, PFTS, CPT
  2. "After being walked through the program, the science-based approach really appealed to me because I have always been so confused when it came to wellness. I went from being diagnosed with pre-diabetes in 2017 to running my first 5k in a matter of months"
    Blake Ren, Employee
  3. "I just feel better showing up to work, being on my feet the majority of the day took its toll over the years. Now i have more energy to do more things with my family after work and on the weekends. The benefits [we have] experienced are far too good to pass up, I wish we did this years ago"
    Thomas Rivera, Employee
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An online platform
Every employee is different. Whether you have 100 or 100,000 employees, tapping into their individual motivations, preferences and challenges requires a unique solution. Offering mobile, desktop, tablet and offline guidance ensures support at every step of the way. Our online solution offers both an affordable and easily accessible way for both employees and benefits leaders to have the tools needed for success.
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On-site events
We have a global team of experts that span across a wide variety of disciplines. Utilizing this global network we are able to offer businesses like yours a multitude of events to select from. These events include wellness classes, financial planning, health screenings, immunizations, and many more. These events are à la carte, which allows us to tailor them to your specific needs as an employer.
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"Having support from my coach always encouraged me to keep it up. It was truly motivating"
Alexis | Employee
1-on-1 consultations
We put our team to work for your company! Our team of wellness consultants will continually work 1on1 with management to develop an engaging experience, drive participation, lead events, and enhance the environment to transform your workplace. Our consultants are ready, able, & willing to deliver turnkey wellness solutions for all participants.
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"I love how I'm starting to see gallons of water on people's desks and health becaming a regular topic of conversation at work. The culture has changed and there's no going back now"
Kristy | Employee
Seamless integration
Benefits leaders want to spend their time helping employees improve their health, not wrestling with technology issues and juggling multiple vendors. From full pre-launch support to providing a full suite of physical and mental health programs, our platform and Customer Success team take the burden of launching a comprehensive wellness solution off the shoulders of the employer. A dedicated Customer Success Account Manager becomes an integral part of the Benefits team and oversees every element of the program from start to finish.
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A Healthy, happy and engaged employees are central to your business goals. While employers have tried to influence employee behavior it’s not surprising why most efforts have failed to realize any meaningful change. Decades of behavior science research and evidence-based testing in the public health arena have proven one undeniable reality: It’s incredibly hard to have an impact on employee health. It takes a lifetime commitment for anyone to truly change their everyday habits and routines. Similarly, it takes a long term commitment from employers to support employee physical and mental wellbeing.

Just Got Fit translates what has been proven to work in hundreds of on-the-ground programs to the business environment. We are serious about behavior change and we have built a research-driven platform to provide employees with the tools and personalized support they need to create sustained changes in their lives. We build relationships across the organization and community to address the hurdles and clear the path towards success.

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