Just Got Fit

A passion for workplace wellness

Working with our customers every day to implement physical and mental health programs that change lives is a privilege. Having behavioral scientists, benefits veterans, designers and entertainment writers all in one office? Priceless. We look forward to working with you to improve employee health, one habit at a time.

Our Leadership Team

  1. Robert O'Bannon
    Robert O'Bannon
  2. Kristy Dunaway
    Kristy Dunaway
    Executive Advisor
  3. Trevor Williams
    Trevor Williams
    Hiring Manager
  4. Vic Lenner
    Vic Lenner
    VP, Strategic Accounts
  5. Kyle Jones
    Kyle Jones
    Lead Behavioral Change Coach
  6. Sean Perry
    Sean Perry
    VP, Sales
  7. Wm Joseph
    Wm Joseph
    Clinical Advisor

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